Official Designations

Official Designations

When Portugal joined the European Union (at the time of the CEE), certain changes had to be made to the designation of wines produced. The Denomination of Origin, (DO – Denominação de Origem) is attributed to wines that, due to their characteristics, are intimately associated with a specific region: they originate and are produced in that region and possess qualities or characteristics inherent in that geographical location (natural as well as human factors). These wines are subject to a high control at all levels of the winemaking process. The regional wine commissions examine both the viticulture and vinification stages of the winemaking in order to preserve its qualities and unique characteristics.

VQPRD means Vinho de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada (the Portuguese equivalent of QWPSR, Quality Wine Produced in a Specified Region). One can also use VLQPRD (Vinho Licoroso de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada – Quality Dessert Wine Produced in a Specified Region), VEQPRD (Vinho Espumante de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada – Quality Sparkling Wine Produced in a Specified Region) and VFQPRD (Vinho Frisante de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada – Quality Carbonated Wine Produced in a Specified Region). VQPRD comprises wines classified as DOC and IPR.

DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada – Denomination of Controlled Origin): Wines originating from older production regions and therefore subject to their own legislation (soil characteristics, grape varieties, vinification and bottling).

IPR (Indicação de Proveniência Regulamentada –Indication of Regulated Provenance): Wines originating from regions that have to comply with the rules set for the making of quality wine, within a minimum time period of 5 years in order to be classified as DOC.

Regional Wines

Wines that carry a geographic indication. At times these can be produced in DOC regions, but fail to respect one or more rules in its production and therefore cannot be classified as such. In regional wine, the inclusion of up to 15% of wine originating from other regions is permitted, as is the shortening of the maturation period and the utilisation of grape varieties and types of bottle that are not authorized in DOC wines.

Table Wines

Wines created from a selection or blend (mixture of two or more grape varieties) of wines from various regions. They may have a geographic indication on their label as long as it cannot be confused with a VQPRD.

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